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LANBENA Nail Repair Essence Serum


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LANBENA Nail Repair Essence Serum Price in Bangladesh

For the care of cracked and rough nails, nail discolorations, nail separation, which are attacked by nail fungus, and stimulate the healthy growth of the nails.

Benefits Of LANBENA Nail Repair Essence Serum:

Adopting a molecular needle penetration technique and brand-new formula, this nail repair essence can effectively penetrate the nails, fix all kinds of nail problems, soften the texture of your nails and restore their health.

Ingredients of LANBENA Nail Repair Essence Serum:

Water,Salicylic Acid,Alcohol,Hydrogenated Castor Oil,Acetic Acid,Propolis,Jewelweed Extract ,Stemona japonica,Angelica Dahurica ,Pseudolarix,Mugwort Extract,Garden Balsam Stem.

How to Use LANBENA Nail Repair Essence Serum:

STEP1 : Soften nails with warm water
STEP2 : Use a manicure knife to repair the grooves on the nail surface and remove dirt
STEP3 : Apply 3-4 drops of the nail essence to the infected nails
STEP4 : Twice a day in the morning and in the evening respectively. After every 2-3 days of use, polish the surface of the nails and then continue to use.


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