Shankha Powder 125gm

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Conch in beauty:
There are few ingredients as effective as conch in beauty practice. Able to give you everything from acne-free skin to instant fairness. Let’s see how to use conch for skin and hair.

In hair care:
Mix rose water with water kept overnight in conch shell. Wash your hair with this water. Your natural hair color will be maintained and your hair will be smooth.

In skin care:
– To increase skin brightness and remove wrinkles, mix conch powder and equal amount of Multani soil in water and massage on face and neck every day during bath. You will definitely get results.
– Mix conch powder with rose water and apply carefully under the eyes. Rinse again before drying. Dark circles under your eyes will disappear.
Add a pinch of conch powder to your various packs and then use. As the blackness of the skin is removed, the acne problem will also be gone. Conch powder removes acne-causing bacteria.
-Mix equal amount of conch powder with half spoon of rice powder and make a pack and apply it on the face. When dry, wash off with a light massage. Along with a good scrub, it will remove your suntan and give you fairer skin.
– To get rid of suntan, acne scars and dark skin, you can mix half a spoon of multani soil, half a spoon of conch powder, a pinch of turmeric powder and half a teaspoon of lemon juice and apply it on the skin. You will get results very quickly.

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