SKU: D-COM-288797
  • Talk time 8 hours (which depends on good network frequency)
  • 1 SIM
  • Any SIM can be used
  • Calculator, ringtone collection, alarm, phonebook, speed dialing
  • Good coverage is available in areas where mobile network is problematic, especially in villages, AC rooms, densely populated areas, high-rise buildings, basements or underground.
  • At the front desk of the office – this phone is for those who don’t want the hassle of T&T phone
  • This phone is for those who have elderly parents at home and who are not used to using smart phones or any other phones
  • Can be used as a common (for all) phone at home or at home
  • Can be used for Flexi-load or Bkash
  • Suitable for use in Customer Care or Service Center
  • SKU: D-COM-288795

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